The Maybourne Bar

Vibrant and unforgettable, there’s no better place to sit, sip and unwind in Beverly Hills than our cocktail and wine bar.

You’ll find an exceptional wine list and a cocktail menu filled with classic and new creations, all handcrafted by our bartenders with the freshest ingredients and finest spirits, and impeccable service to match. It’s the perfect destination for all in search of relaxed late-night indulgence. 

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Opening hours

Daily, 5pm - late

The Maybourne Bar operates a no reservation policy. 

Call: +1 (310) 860 6140



Chris Amirault is the award-winning Head Mixologist of The Maybourne Beverly Hills. Coming from a biracial family, Amirault creates cocktails which embody Los Angeles’ nature as a cultural melting pot, taking ingredients from his Asian heritage and blending them with the other flavors he encounters in the city. Indeed, his cocktail style is born out of an endless curiosity for the city he calls home, where a flash of inspiration for a new recipe can strike at any moment.

Cocktail in a martini glass on a table with a yellow chair back behind it

Expertly Orchestrated

Musicality meets mixology in The Maybourne Bar’s new Symphony menu, a masterpiece in four movements. Drawing inspiration from core musical components – melody, harmony, counterpoint and embellishments – Head Mixologist, Chris Amirault, plays with the building blocks of the time-honored cocktail to create inspiring new compositions. From the botanical notes of ‘Skyfall’, a riff on the classic martini, to the sweet spin on a whiskey sour in ‘Bounty Law’, each sip is a sensory experience.

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Cocktail in a rocks glass with red and pink marshmallow crispy rice treat on a stick as the garnish
Clear cocktail in a highball glass with green and purple garnish
Clear cocktail in a rocks glass with a chocolate coin garnish stamped with an M
Cocktail in a short glass with muddled mint and crushed ice
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