Beverly Cañon Gardens

On the doorstep of The Maybourne Beverly Hills is Beverly Cañon Gardens, a haven in the heart of the city. Shaded colonnades line this beautifully landscaped space, with the fountain centerpiece setting a peaceful tone for alfresco dining and communal gatherings.

Beverly Cañon Gardens stretches to over 33,000 square feet of public space. Two walkways run between Beverly and Cañon Drives for those looking to pause between boutique shopping and restaurant hopping. And dotted among the seasonal blooms and manicured greenery are a number of sun-soaked spots for morning coffee, with fountain-side seating perfect for brunch in the open air.

Soundtrack to summer

Come summer, Beverly Cañon Gardens sings with a free program of live music every Thursday evening. Concerts on Cañon runs through June to August and welcomes local artists as well as stars from further afield. Two 45-minute shows start at 6pm and 7pm, with concert-goers setting up picnics on the lawns. Performances this year span everything from classic soul, rock and jazz to Caribbean, Brazilian and Klezmer music.

Talk of The Terrace

Overlooking Beverly Cañon Gardens, The Terrace combines the charm of a European piazza with decidedly California flavors. Menus shift through the day, from get-up-and-go breakfasts to snacks and sundowners, with the cascading fountain of Cañon Gardens a tranquil constant.

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